Galloway Hills Rally – 8th September 2018

The event started from Castle Douglas.  The morning got off to a slightly stressful start when the car wouldn’t start first thing due to a flat battery. After attaching the jump leads it started first time but it wasn’t the calm start we had hoped for.

After going over the ceremonial start ramp at Threeve Gardens we were off towards the first stage using part of the Raiders road forest drive near Clatteringshaws.  It was a steady start for the first couple of miles as we both got back into the swing of things after the outing on the Scottish in May.  After that things went very well with a nice flowing stage and we found some decent pace towards the end of the stage.  We ended the stage 42nd overall.

Black Loch was the next stage.  Again things were going well until about 2 miles in and we slid a bit wide on a tight left hander. There was a bridge just after the corner and the car slid over the edge and then went into the ditch after that.  It plugged into the soft ground and then tipped onto its side.


We manged to get out ok but the car was stuck fast and the suspension looked to be quite badly damaged. That was us till everyone had gone through and the recovery unit came and pulled the car back onto its wheels and then out of the ditch.  The car was driving under its own power but wasn’t handling too well, we toured through to the end of the stage and then made it along the road to the service area.

Thanks to George and his recovery crew for getting us back onto our wheels and thanks to Michelle and Alan for walking up from the previous junction to make sure we were ok.

Not the best end to the day but it was good fun while it lasted.  Now a bit of work ahead to get the car ready for Wales Rally GB in October but fingers crossed its not too serious.

Thanks to David, Samantha and Connor for helping us out over the weekend.