Kames Rally Time Trial – 4th March 2012

Ian and Gordon were both driving in this event. Gordon driving the team’s white nova with Michelle Park navigating and Ian driving the nova belonging to Ian Gemmell.

It was an entertaining day with some interesting weather. In the afternoon half the track was dry and the other half was white with hail stones.

Gordon finished 4th overall and second in class in the driver and navigator event and Ian finished last in the driver only class.


Kames Rally Time Trial Championship 2012

Gordon and Michelle Park enter the Kames RTT championship for 2012.  Ian elected to drive in the first event so Gordon needed a co-driver to do the 4 championship rounds with.  Michelle, having co-driven in the last event in 2011 was happy to fill in.

Galloway Hills Rally – 30th October 2011

This was the team’s first competitive outing on gravel for about a year.  The rally started in Castle Douglas as with stage 1 in Glengap near Laurieston.  It took a mile or 2 to get into the swing of things again but it was a really clean through the stage with no real problems.

A clip of us near the end of stage 1

Stage 2 was going fine but after five or six miles the rainy weather caused the windscreen to mist up which made it tricky for driver and co-driver alike to judge the corners correctly. A bit of time was lost but everything was still going well.

Stage 3 in Dalbeattie forest was going very well with a very clean quick run but about a mile from the end the car lost power. It came back once or twice but we ended up coasting to the finish which fortunately was downhill.  The car dies completely on the stop line and we had to push it out of the way once we got our time. It then restarted and we headed back towards Castle Douglas and the service team to see if they could diagnose the problem.

Unfortunately about a mile along the road section the car dies again and this time it wouldn’t restart. We phoned Sam to come and get us but even he couldn’t get it running once he arrived.

Sadly we had to tow it back to Castle Douglas and put it on the trailer.

Once back at the workshop the problem was traced to a broken rotor arm in the distributor.


Galloway Hills Rally – 5th December 2010

This was supposed to be another outing on gravel for the nova. However the week leading up to the event was very cold and there was snow and frost on the morning of the event making the stages extremely slippy.

The road into the first stage was quite steep and icy and the car only just made it up the hill to the start line.  Once into the stage it didn’t get much better as we had no grip from the old tyres we running.

The times were very slow but we managed through the first 2 stages ok and got back to service intact.

Stage 3 was in Dalbeattie forest and was even slippier.  We had a few moments in there and were quite fortunate to get through.

Stages 4 and 5 were not too bad and we got back to the finish line in one piece.  Not a very good result but it was an achievement getting to the end in those conditions.