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Mk2 Escort

First rally: UK Rally Challenge 3 2002
Last rally: Tour of Mull 2002

We were on the lookout for a relatively cheap car (compared to the Nova) which would allow us to do some tarmac events as the Nova isn't particularly suited to tarmac. The Mk2 Escort was advertised and we decided to go and have a look at it.

Challenge 3The car was in Fife which wasn't too far away so we went to see it the weekend before the Argyll Rally 2002. The car was in pretty good shape for its age with no rust on it although it had a few dents on the bodywork. The engine hadn't been started for a few years and it sounded as if it could be a few more before it would fire into life. Sam and Donald (who was selling the car) spent around 3 hours fiddling with the engine and it eventually burst into life. Shortly thereafter the deal was done and we had agreed to go back midweek to pick the car up.

The basic spec of the car is listed below:

Engine   Ford 1300 crossflow
Power   83bhp @ 5750rpm (at the wheels)
Gearbox   Ford 2000E 4 speed
Diff   English LSD 4.9:1
Brakes   9" Discs all round

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