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Galloway Hills Rally - Sunday 5th December 1999

This signified the first outing on gravel roads. The event started in Castle Douglas in the South West of Scotland. Unfortunately the weather had not been kind and there was a lot of snow and ice around on the stages. There were 4 satges covering around 45 miles of the best stages the south west has to offer.

The day was going very well but on stage 3 the car suffered a front wheel puncture after going off into a ditch. The crew managed to keep going, even catching and passing a Skoda along the way. Around two miles from the end of stage 3 the inevitable happened and the car understeered off on a tight right hander, the puntured tyre was all but destroyed now and was offering very little grip. The car wasn't really damaged but was stuck fast. As it was our first gravel event we were running very near the end of the field and the recovery Land Rover got to us before we went OTL.

We were allowed to continue and made it through the last stage with some difficulty as we were now running a high profile tyre and a low profile tyre on the front which led to strange handling. Yet again we ended the day as the last classified finishers, this time 48th overall and 5th in class.

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