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Border Counties Rally - Saturday 11th March 2000

The Border Counties Rally started from Jedburgh and then headed south into England for some stages in and around the notorious Kielder forest complex. We had heard plenty of stories about the long fast straights and the big ditches that were to be found in Kielder. As it happened though we had a fairly uneventful day with a nice smooth run giving us our first finish in a Scottish Championship event.

Most of the drama happened before the event as we were still rebuilding the gearbox following the Snowman Rally the month previous. Unfortunately the gearbox we had broken was now obsolete and spare parts weren't to be found anywhere which meant we were now looking at a new gearbox. We managed to find a damaged example for sale and chief mechanic Sam was able to build one functioning gearbox from our damaged one, the damaged one we had bought and a standard unit bought from a scrap merchant. The gearbox was still lying on the workbench two days before the event. Things just got worse when our van company let us down at the last minute and the car had to be driven across to Jedburgh.

All of this was forgotten however following a nice smooth run through the rally itself giving a final placing of 54th overall and 9th in class.

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