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McRae Stages Rally - Saturday 5th August 2000

The McRae stages started from Lanark and had a famous face in the course car. Colin McRae, navigated by wife Alison was driving a mk2 Escort that he had built.

The team arrived early on Saturday morning to go through the process of scrutineering and signing on. The organisers had managed to arrange a town centre start and then the crews made the long journey down to dumfrieshire for the first stage in forest of Ae. The first stage of the rally was just under 19 miles was made more difficult by the extremely dry and dusty conditions. The whole day went well with nothing much to note.

The fourth stage was cancelled because a culvert had colapsed which meant that the remaining cars couldn't get past. The remaining two stages went well without any major problems although we had a slight overshoot and subsequent stall about half a mile from the end of the last stage. A good day was had by all and the result of 67th overall and 6th in class was pretty good considering there were about 130 cars starting the event.

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