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Scottish Rally - Sunday 11th June 2000

The Scottish Rally had a few different rallies running over the course of the weekend. We were entered in the national B event on the Sunday. This meant that the field of international cars and most of the national B field were running before us. This meant that the first stage was very rough and as a result we had damaged a wheel without going off or hitting anything.

We then went into stage 2 and about a couple of miles in we suffered a front wheel puncture which was a result of the damaged wheel from the first stage. We stopped to change it as there was too far to go to the end of the stage. Unfortunately the handbrake had also been damaged which meant that the car rolled forward slightly and fell off the jack while we were changing the wheel. About 4 minutes were lost changing the wheel but we got going again. Another two miles down the road and we went off to the right of hte road and hit a huge rock which puntured the other front tyre. We were already minutes behind the rest of the cars in the class so there was no point risking any damage so we stopped again to change the other wheel. Around another 4 minutes were lost and the front tracking had been knocked out meaning both wheels were pointing out.

We got back to service with some minor time penalties and were able to straighten up the wheels a little. Stage 3 went OK and then it was on to a 20 mile stage through Glentrool forest. About halfway through on the exit of a tight left hander one of the drive shafts sheared and left us stuck with no drive. This was caused by the extra strain of the front wheels being being badly mis-aligned. Fortunately this happened right next to the public road and we were able to call the service crew who came and retrieved the car. Retired stage 4 : driveshaft

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