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Snowman Rally - Saturday 19th February 2000

This was the first event in the Scottish Championship and it all started well with fastest time in class on the first stage. This was probably because our only previous gravel event had been the 1999 Galloway Hills and there had been lots of snow and ice there. Inverness in February was no different which probably suited our car as it was very underpowered compared to the other cars in the calss.

Unfortunately it all came to nothing as on the second stage there was a car extricating itself from the undergrowth just beyond the apex of a corner. We approached them very quickly and as the road was partially blocked the only place to go was the ditch on the outside. The car was stuck fast and we had to wait for the Land Rover to come and pull us out.

We went OTL and out of the rally after that but were allowed to continue to get some milage in. About quarter of a mile into stage 3, second gear broke meaning we had to continue without using it. We continued like this until stage 6 and with only one stage remaining, and darkness setting in we decided to pack up and head back to Inverness.

All in all it was a fairly disappointing weekend what with going out of the rally and breaking the gearbox.

Result: OTL Stage 2

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