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Weldex Rally - Saturday 20th May 2000

This event comes under the category of "A day to forget". Co-driver Ian wasn't feeling very well that morning. Once we got going things just got worse as Ian lost his place in the notes and Gordon had to drive for about 3 miles of the first stage without them. It all went wrong on the second stage though as Ian again lost his place in the notes and not knowing what was coming next, Gordon went into a series of corners too quickly which ended with the car sliding off at around 40-50mph. Tha car ended up on its side with a bash on the back corner and the front wing crumpled and the side window shattered. After getting over the shock the crew were able to rock the car back onto its wheels but to add insult to injury it was now stuck in the mud as well. We went OTL on this stage and once the car had been pulled out we were able to drive it back to Dunoon. We loaded it on to the trailer and then packed up and went home.

Result: OTL Stage 2

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