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Galloway Hills Rally - Sunday 2nd December 2001

Galloway Hills 01This was probably the most eventful rally so far with lots happening thoughout the day. The rally started in Castle Douglas and covered five stages in the south west. Stage 1 was in Dalbeatie forest. This hasn't been the best of places for the team as the car has never come out of Dalbeatie without some damage. It proved that way again as the car left the road about a mile from the end of the stage and travelled through the undergrowth for about 30 yards before re-emerging. There was some damage to the bumper and the drivers door but apart from that everything was OK. Surprisingly the team were fastest in class after the eventful opening stage.

Stage 2 also proved interesting with two high speed spins sending the car down the road backwards. The first time was on a really narrow piece of road which meant that a 7-point turn was required to get going again. The second spin was over the flying finish so at least no time was lost there.

Stage 3 by comparison was fairly dull with nothing to note and a good clean run to set fastest equal time in class.

Stage 4 was going reasonably well until the car hit a water splash which resulted in the engine cutting out. After a bit of coaxing it fired into life again but a lot of time had already been lost. There was also a small spin when we found a car in the ditch on the exit of a corner. Distracted by the stuck car Gordon stayed on the brakes and the car spun round and stopped on the apex of the corner. A couple of seconds were lost reversing and getting going again. The starter motor also broke during the stage meaning we had to get a push out of the following service. This meant there was the added pressure of having to keep the engine running at all costs as it would need push started if it stalled.

If that wasn't enough the car then cut out at the start of stage 5 just before the start line. A few phone calls and some wire jiggling got it going again (after a push) and we had a fairly smooth run through the last stage the only problem being a punture about half a mile from the end.

SecondAn eventful day but in the end a fairly successful one with second in class, 28th overall and we also retained the James Flemming rosebowl for being the first all East Ayrshire Car Club crew.

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