Saltire ABC Rallying Lion Rampant
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Jim Clark Rally - Saturday 13th July 2002

The Escort was being used for this event as it is only a fortnight before the McRae Stages. The gearbox was changed on the Wednesday before the event because of a worn bearing caused by the vibration from an out of balance prop shaft.

The event had an official start in Edinburgh on the Friday night before heading down to Duns to start the event proper on Satuday afternoon.

The first stage didn't start too well. About half a mile in after going through the ford the car just understeered off the road and hit a big tree damaging the bumper and wing. Stage two went well with no problems to speak of.

Stage 3 was next and everything was again going well. The gearbox had started crunching every time a gear was selected. This turned out to be a problem with the clutch and it gave up completely at a hairpin about two miles from the end of the stage. We were pushed off of the road and phoned the service crew to come and tow us back to Duns.

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