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Granite City Rally - Saturday 17th April 2004

The Granite City Rally started from Aberdeen and consisted of six stages in the noth east. The team almost didn't make the start as the car sprung a petrol leak in the car park as we were waiting for the event to begin. Fortunately Sam was able to fix it and we were able to start.

There were three stages before service. The first two were very slippy and we didn't take any risks, jsut getting used to the car again after five months since the last rally. Stage 3 went well and we were able to push a bit harder but without taking any risks.

The service halt was next and all the car needed was a general check over as there were no particular problems.

Stage 4 didn't go all that well as the car struggled for grip and we lost a bit of time as a result. The car ran wide into a ditch near the end and ripped the rear bumper off. It was when we stopped at the next stage before we realised it was missing.

Stage 5 went well with us making up a bit of time, the only problem was when we clipped a bridge about half way through. Fortunately no damage was done.

Stage 6 was the last of the day and we deided to keep pushing to learn more about the car. There were no real problems and 13th fastest over the stage was the result. The only incident was running a bit wide in the very last corner causing us to visit the ditch on either side of the road to sort it all out.

The day went well with no mehanical problems letting us learn a bit more about the new car. We finished the day 9th in class and 25th overall.

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