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Jim Clark Rally - Sunday 4th July 2004

The Jim Clark rally was based in Kelso and is the only tarmac event in the Scottish Rally Championship. The stages were held on closed public roads around the Berwickshire countryside.

Stage 1 was cancelled due to a timing problem so we moved on to the second stage. This was also cancelled due to an accident on stage. On to stage 3 (which was a rerun of stage 1), fortunately the problem had been fixed and the stage was able to run. There were no problems with the crew not taking any risks as it was the first time the new car had been run on tarmac.

The first service then followed. Just before leaving service and starting the fourth stage, the heavens opened and there was lots of heavy rain. With only one set of tarmac tyres there was nothing else but to go with the tyres we had. They were better suited to dry conditions so a lot of caution would be required on the wet stages. There were a few slippy moments on stage 4 as the car aquaplaned on the wet roads but we got through it OK without any problems.

On stage 5 the fuel pressure problem which affected the scottish rally returned as the car started to stutter a bit through the stage. There were no real problems through the rest of the stage.

There was another service halt and then stages 4 and 5 were repeated. The rain had continued and the times through the stage were much the same as the first run through even though we were more familiar with the roads.

On to another service halt and then the same two stages were repeated again. Everything went fine till about a mile from the end of the very last stage when the car spun in the wet and slid into a field. Fortunately we weren't the first car to do that and there was no damage and we only lost a bit of time doing a three point turn to get going again.

The day was made very difficult with the wet weather and slippy conditions. The team were just pleased to finally get to the end of the event following the roll the year before and the clutch failure two years previously.

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