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Park Systems Rally - Saturday 11th September 2004

The Park Systems Rally was based once again in Newton Stewart and consisted of five stages.

The first stage went OK but was very slippy and a cautious approach was taken to ensure there were no problems early on in the day.

The second stage was through Glentrool and was going very well until about 8 miles in when the car lost all of its water and started to overheat. We put the heater on to try and reduce the temperature and this worked to allow the car to get to the end of the stage. We put what water we had into the car and then made our way back to the service halt at baldoon airfield. The temperature went very high on the road section so we had to stop at a river and fill the car with more water to get the temperature down.

At service Sam checked the car over but there was nothing much to see. The conclusion was another head gasket failure. We filled the car with water and decided to go to stage 3 to see if it would stand up to it. The stage was a short one but the car lost more water so we decided to call it a day after that. We were still in the middle of the forest at this point so we ran slowly through stage 4 to get back to the road where we met up with Sam and put the car onto the trailer.

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