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Solway Coast Rally - Sunday 3rd October 2004

The Solway Coast Rally starts in Kirkcudbright in the south west of Scotland. It consists of 12 stages run on military tank ranges and 4 loose stages run on farm roads.

The first set of three stages went OK with no major dramas. These three stages were then repeated and we were able to pick the pace up a little. There was then a short service to allow the crews to change onto gravel tyres for the loose stages.

The first loose stage went well with the team setting their first ever fastest stage time. The next loose stage was on a forest road and was in very good condition. The rain was starting to fall quite heavily now and made the road a bit slippy but it was good fun. The third loose stage went fine but it was the last loose stage which caused a few problems. The flying finish was a crest and the team went over the line and went airbourne. This meant that the braking wasn't having much effect and when the car landed on wet grass the braking didn't get much better. The car slid past the stop line and fell down an enbankment and bumped across some rough ground. Fortunately there was no damage done and we were able to continue.

The afternoon was a run back through the military ranges. It was the same stages as the morning but run in reverse. The rain was really heavy now and there was a lot of standing water. The team ran a steady pace and didn't take any risks.

A good fun day out was had by all and the team finished third overall and also got the first in class award as first and second overall were not eligible for the class award.


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