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Border Counties Rally - Saturday 19th March 2005

The team had spent a lot of time since the Snowman Rally in February rebuilding the spare gearbox and fitting that after the original box was destroyed. The new gearbox had slightly lower gearing but it seemed to be working OK.

The Border Counties Rally is based in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders with most of the action taking place in Kielder Forest Complex. There were five stages in total, each one just under 9 miles in length.

Stage 1 started OK but about half way through the engine lost a bit of power and the car struggled to pull in the higher gears. This lost a bit of time. Stage 2 was next and the car seemed to run OK but we were a bit off the pace again.

The first service was next. There wasn't much to be done, just a quick check over.

Stage 3 went very well with the team able to push quite hard and start moving up the leaderboard. There were no incidents to speak of and everything ran smoothly. The only problem was catching an evo 6 near the end of the stage.

Stage 4 was next and it went even better, with the team setting the 11th fastest time through the stage. The only issue was that the brakes were working very hard and there was quite a bit of smoke coming from the brake pads as we got to the stop line.

The next service went fine with no problems and only another routine check before heading off to stage 5. The stage went fine and there were no problems. We caught and passed an Escort WRC through the stage but he seen us coming and pulled over quickly when we got close.

The team got to the end 14th overall and picked up the first in class award.


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