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Granite City Rally - Saturday 16th April 2005

The Granite City rally based in Aberdeen consisted of 6 stages. Following the traditional City Centre start, the team header out to the Aberdeenshire forests for the first stage.

The conditions were treachorously slippy for the first three stages and the team found it very difficult to get any grip at all. At the first service halt it turned out that everyone had been suffering from a lack of grip and the times weren't too bad.

Stage 4 was next and the conditions were much drier. The car was handling much better and there were no problems to speak of. Unfortunately stage 5 was cancelled due to a competitior becoming ill.

Stage 6 was the last of the day and the conditions were dry with plenty of grip. About a mile into the stage when approaching a fast left hander the car locked up under braking and spun off into the ditch on the right. It was only just off the road but unfortunately the impact had pressed the turbo pipes against the gear linkage making it impossible to select gears. We had to phone Sam to come and get us with a trailer.

After getting the car home it was discovered that one of the front brake calipers had become detached and it was propably this that caused the car to spin off.

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