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McRae Stages - Saturday 1st October 2005

The rally started at Perth Racecourse and after the city centre ceremonial start , headed to the first stage next to the A9. Stage 1 was a bit slippy the team were fairly cautious to start with and picked the pace up a bit as the stage progressed. The end result was 15th fastest which was a good start to the day as there were over one hundred starters.

A service halt was next which was a routine check as there were no problems with the car.

Stage 2 was next. This was probably the slippiest most treacherous stage the team have ever driven on. After two miles the car hit a huge rock which was just off the road and picked up a pucture. With over six miles still to go the team decided to stop and change the wheel which dropped around 4 minutes. There were another few moments later in the stage as the slippy conditions made it very difficult to slow down for the corners.

Stage 3 was next. This was a private forest that was being used for the first time. It was very narrow but the road surface was good and there was a lot of grip. The stage was going well until about 5 miles in when a slight off damaged the front and jammed the car in third gear. Fortunately this didn't cause much of a delay and the car was going well.
About two miles from the end and without any warning the passenger side front wheel sheared off and the car slid to a halt. The four wheel studs had sheared so there was nothing we could do other than wait to be towed out.

A disappointing end to the season as it will now be 2006 before the car is back out again.

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