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Park Systems Rally - Saturday 10th September 2005

The Park Systems is based in Newton Stewart and consisted of five stages in the Galloway forests.

Stage 1 was a short 4 miler. The team started cautiously and lost a fair bit of time to the cars round about us.

Stage 2 was 19 miles long through the Glentrool complex. The team were setting decent pace when the temperature gauge went very high. The car was limiting the power to the engine and we were slowed quite a bit over the last four miles. Even with the problems we were able to claw a bit of time back on our main rivals, setting the 11th fastest time through the stage.

A service halt was next and there wasn't much to do.

Stage 3 in Glengap forest was next. The car went very well through here setting 9th fastest overall to continue moving up the leaderboard.

Stage 4 also went very well, again setting 9th fastest time. The only problem was a puncture towards the end of the stage but it didn't slow us down too much.

The last stage was a rerun of the first stage. On the way to the stage one of the front drive shafts starting making some ominous noises. A quick check before going into the stage showed that it was due to break. The road surface had been damaged during the first run through the stage so the course was shortened to just over two miles. We took it gently off the start line to protect the drive shaft but had no problems through the rest of the stage. We finished the stage setting the 7th fastest time.

The only problem now was getting the car back to Newton Stewart to go over the finish ramp. The driver shaft was getting noisier and it finally broke just as we got to Newton Stewart. Fortunately the 4 wheel drive allowed the car to limp bak and we were able to report at the final time control and complete the rally.

The car ran very well all day even with the problems and the team recorded their best ever result on a Scottish Championship event taking 10th overall and picking up an award for 2nd in class.


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