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Scottish Rally - Sunday 12th June 2005

The Scottish Rally had 5 satges in and around Dumfries. The highlight of the event for the spectators was the McRae family (Colin, Jimmy and Alistair) doing the event in Mk2 Escorts.

Stage 1 was in Ae forest and it went well despite being a bit slippy. We then headed back to Dumfries for a short spectator stage right next the service park. There was a water splash in the middle of the stage and when the car went through it pulled in a lot of water which killed the engine. It wouldn't restart and around 3 minutes were lost.

At service we tried to get the car running properly but it was still misfiring as we headed east towards stage 3. About halfway through stage 3 we picked up a front puncture. Already being 3 minutes down meant there was nothing to gain by carrying on so we stopped and changed the wheel.

Stage 4 was the best of the day. The car was still misfiring slightly from the water splash but everything went well through the stage and we were able to set the 18th quickest time.

Stage 5 was a rerun of stage 1 and the car was going extremely well through the stage. About 6 miles from the end the head gasket failed and the car lost water. We were able to keep the temparature down for a few more miles but 2 miles from the end we were forced to stop. Sam came and got us with a trailer.

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