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Speyside Stages Rally - Saturday 20th August 2005

The Speyside Stages had 9 stages based in and around Elgin.

The first two stages were the traditional run through Cooper Park in the centre of Elgin. The team didn't take any risks in here and set a respectable time.

After a quick service halt to change tyres, the route took us out into the forests where the real action begun. Stage 3 went OK but was very slippy which made it quite difficult.

Stage 4 was an intersting stage with long straights and tight corners. The car was able to reach 103 mph along the longest staright.

Stage Stages 5, 6, 7 & 8 were traditional fast flowing Speyside stages which all went well with no problems.

The last stage started OK but we picked up a front puncture with about two miles to go. We lost a lot of time but fortunately it didn't make any difference to our overall position.

After a disappointing season Elgin provided a good result with 20th overall and a 2nd in class award.


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