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Charterhall Stages 2006 - Saturday 1st April 2006

This was the first visit to Charterhall for the team.  The rally is held on an old airfield in the Borders.  The day consisted of 7 stages ranging from 5 miles to 9 miles in length.

The first stage went reasonably well with no problems as the team got used to the car again after 6 months without a rally.

Stage 2 had a couple of mishaps. The first came at a big braking point when the car was going a bit quick and missed the corner. It then stalled and a lot of time was lost.  Later in the stage the car spun again losing a few more seconds.

Stage 3 went fine but stage 4 saw another spin which dropped more time.  Stage 5 was completed with no problems.

Stage 6 was going OK until we picked up a puncture with a couple of miles to go.  The decision was taken to continue until the end. With about half a mile to go the tyre delaminated completely and destroyed the front wing as the the car limped over the finish line.

Stage 7 went fine and the team finished the day in 12th place.

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