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Kingdom Stages - Saturday 4th November 2006

The rally was based at Crail Raceway which is an old airfield in Fife. The rally consisted of six stages, three different layouts each run twice.

Stage 1 was very slippy as the surface was still fairly damp. The biggest problem was trying to find some grip. When passing a Subaru on the fastest part of the track the car went sideways at around 100mph. It was fairly interesting to be on full opposite lock while flat in top gear. Fortunately it straightened out Ok and there were no problems.

Stage 2 was a lot drier and there was a bit more grip to be had.  The car still wasn't very well balanced and there was a difficult moment  braking from 100mph to go through some tyres. The car didn't slow down quickly enough and the back end of the car hit one of the tyres. Fortunately the only damage was to the back bumper which was easily repaired at the end of the stage.

Stages 3 & 4 went well. Some different tyres were put on for these two stages and the car was much better balanced. There were no problems to speak of.

Stage 5 was also going well but unfortunately a car went off and blocked the stage. The organisers had no option but to cancel the stage.

Stage 6 was going well until we got stuck behind a much slower car. It was impossible to get past and we were following it for over a mile. We tried to get past in the entry to the chicane after a long fast part of the runway but unfortunately braked a bit late and hit some bales. The front of the car took a bit of damage and we had to back off to find out if it had lost oil or coolant.  The temperature stayed stable so we kept going. Before the end of stage we had caught the slower car again but it didn't hold us up too much this time and we made it to finish.

The day finished with the team 13th overall which wasn't too bad and more importantly we managed to finish as the 2nd five of clubs championship crew which gave a few championship points.

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