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Galloway Hills - Sunday 3rd December 2006

The Galloway Hills Rally is based in Castle Douglas in the south west of Scotland. There were 5 stages taking in approximately 40 miles of stages. There were problems before the event had even started as the high winds and rain overnight had brought down a lot of trees on the stages. The organisers worked hard and were able to get the stages passable with the event starting only 40 minutes later than scheduled.

Stage 1 was very slippy and it took a bit of time to get used to the amount of grip that was available. There were no major problems and the team were able to set the 8th quickest time through the stage. 

Stage 2 was in the same forest complex and the conditions were much the same. The car was handling reasonably well and the only problem was running slightly wide into a ditch near the end but fortunately nothing was damaged.

Stage 3 was more of the same with a few moments on the slippy surface but no real problems to speak of.

There was a service halt in Castle Douglas next and a routine check was all that was required.

The road between service and stage 4 was blocked by a fallen tree which caused more problems as the organisers had to re-route the cars to get them back to where they should be. Stage 4 itself went fine and the team were still sitting in 8th place with only one stage to go.

Stage 5 was the slippiest stage of the day and the team struggled to find any grip at all. Unfortunately this allowed the car behind to set a better time demoting the team to 9th overall.

All in all it was a good day with the team delighted to have survived the treacherous conditions and finish the season on a high note finishing 9th overall and 4th in class out of about 100 cars.

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