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Kames Stages - Sunday 7th May 2006

The rally was due to have 16 stages, 8 at Kames and 8 at Burnfoot, the gravel stage across the road.

The day started off damp and the new tar which had just been laid on the rally roads at Kames was a bit slippy for the first run.
The next stage, on the wet gravel was also a bit slippy and the team found themselves down in 5th or 6th place after the first run of stages.

The times were getting quicker as the day dried out and by the 3rd loop of stages the team were clear in second place.

Despite trying to close the gap on the leader, the team couldn't do much to cut the lead and it remained at around 15-20 seconds until the end of the event.

The team had a successful day and were pleased to get second overall on their home event.


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