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Park Systems Rally - 9th September 2006

The rally started in Newton Stewart and consisted of 4 stages.

Stage 1 started well and the team were going well until about 4 corners from the end.  The car suddenly and unexpectedly left the road and cost around 10 seconds getting it back onto the road. Subsequent investigations have found that the centre diff shattered which left the car with no drive to the front wheels.  This caused the lack of expected grip and the car went off.

The team still had 2 more stages to complete before getting back to service.  It was to get worse as something in the back transmission broke off of the start line and left the car with effectively one wheel drive.  It was very difficult to get the car to corner and a lot of time was lost.
Stage 3 was straight after the second stage without any time to attempt repairs so it was more of the same with the team losing even more time.

After stage 3 the team had time to check things over but it was clear that there was nothing that could be done so we started on the long drive back to service.  Unfortunately the car didn't  make it with the transmission failing completely about 4 miles from the service park.

The car now needs a few repairs to the transmission system before the next event.

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