Saltire ABC Rallying Lion Rampant
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Galloway Hills - Sunday 2nd December

The lead up to this event was less than ideal as the Evo blew an engine on the Thursday before the rally. With no time to get it fixed the team were forced to get the Nova ready to go rallying. This included getting an MOT and tax and giving it a quick once over to check everything was ok.

Seeded 10th based on driving the evo we were running in the mid 40s and stage 1 went reasonably well with no problems getting used to the car again.
Stage 2 was going well until a right hander towards the end. The car slid wide and got beached on a tree stump. We were stuck for about a minute and a half until some spectators got us going again.

Stages 3,4 and 5 went fine with no problems and the car going ok despite having only 100 horse power. We managed to set 35th and 36th quickest time through stages 3 and 4. Stage 5 was 28th quickest probably due to 7 cars being off at the same corner.

It was a shame losing the evo so close to the event but it was good fun getting out in the Nova again and the car went well on gravel despite being a bit underpowered.

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