Saltire ABC Rallying Lion Rampant
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Galloway Hills - Sunday 7th December

The rally was a race against time for the team to get the car finished in time but after a few long nights the team made it to scrutineering on Sunday morning in time for the rally.

The first stage had been cancelled due to sheet ice, so the organisers had decided to run stage 2 twice to keep the milage up.
The first run through was extremely slippy with the team struggling to keep the car on the road. The car was stationary for about 1 minute 40 seconds throughout the stage the worst problem being when the car stalled after a small spin and wouldn't restart for almost a minute.

Stage 2 was a rerun of the same stage and most of the ice had turned to mud which at least gave a bit of grip. Everything was going well with no problems when the car started trailing oil and then lost power. We had no option but to pull over and that was the end of the rally.

A disappointing end to the weekend after all the hard work to get the car ready. As usual a big thank you to Sam for his efforts in preparing the car and keeping it going after the mishaps on the first stage.

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