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Scottish Rally - 27th June 2009

This was the first event of the year for the team and following an engine rebuild in the early part of the year.

The first stage went well enough as the team got back up to speed and the time was respectable enough. The car was running without any problems.

Following first service, stage 2 was the short spectator stage at Heathall and again this went fine without any problems.

On the following road section the car suddenly lost power and wouldn't run right. We were forced to tour through the next stage very slowly before the problem was diagnosed as a faulty coil pack which meant the car was running on just 2 cylinders. By the time it was diagnosed and repaired we had gone OTL.

We carried on to get more milage under our belt and the remaining stages went fine and the only problem was getting caught in the dust of the cars in front.

Some Youtube Videos from Incar

Stage 1 - Kinharvie

Stage 5 - Ae West

Caught in the dust at the end of stage 6

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