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Speyside Stages - 8th August 2009

The team made the long trip north for the Speyside Stages Rally. The event started well enough with the traditional 2 runs through the city centre Cooper Park stage. The stages went fine with no problems.

The next stage went well enough although the surface was very slippery and there wasn't much grip to be found.

Stage 4 started well and the car was running well with much more grip than the previous stage. About halfway through coming through a section with logging we found 2 large logs which had been dragged into the middle of the road by a previous car. Gordon braked but unfortunately the car stalled and took about 20 seconds to restart. We hit the logs pulling away and after that the car was down on power.

At service there was nothing obvious to see so we went out for stage 5. The car wouldn't generate any boost and was very slow so we decided to miss stage 6 and bring the car back to service.
We eventually found that something had broken inside the turbo housing and there were big fragments of metal which were stopping the turbo wheel from turning and therefore it wasn't generating any boost.
We fixed that and rejoined stage 7 for the practice event for cars that had retired.

The stage was going very well when the gearbox suddenly gave up with about 3 miles to go. With no drive we were forced to retire again.

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