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Forrest Estate Stages - 31st October 2010

This was the first gravel rally in a year and about 2 years since the Nova had been out on gravel. The event was held within forrest estate near Dalry and consisted of 3 stages.
The biggest drama in the lead up was Sam's land rover springing a major fuel leak in the diesel tank the night before the event. Some frantic phone calls were made and Ian Gemmell kindly agreed to tow the car down for us.

The first stage went very well. It only took Gordon a mile or 2 to get into the swing of things after a long lay off from driving on gravel. The stage was a bit bumpy in places which was causing the back of the Nova to jump up. There were no problems other than overshooting the last corner and almost going off. We were quite surprised to be leading the class after the stage.

Stage 2 was a bit straighter and all was going well until 2 miles from the end. Gordon cut a left hander but there were unfortunately some big rocks in the grass and the front left tyre punctured instantly and went flat. This cost a fair bit of time and we had dropped back a bit following this stage.

We had around 7 seconds to find on stage 3 to take the class win. A lot of the stage was the same as the first stage and it was going well. About a mile from the end the car slid into a ditch following a right hander and was stuck fast.

A disappointing end to the day but it was good to get the nova back onto gravel. Special thanks to Ian Gemmell for taking the trailer down an back for us.

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