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First Nova

First rally: Solway Coast 1999
Last rally: Solway Coast 2000

The first car was a 1300 Vauxhall Nova. Unfortunately there were no decent Novas to be found in Scotland around the time were looking for a car in late 1999. This led to us looking further afield for a car to compete in. We found a car which had never been rallied in the forest advertised for sale in the Motoring News. The bad news was it was near Peterborough.

First CarWe set off about 11:30pm on a cold Wednesday night in October 1999 to go and have a look at the car. We arrived at Deeping St. Nicholas near Peterborough at about 5:30am. We then tried to get some sleep but the sub zero temperatures made that a bit difficult. We phoned the seller at about 6:30 and he then showed us the car, Gordon had a test drive in it and then we bought it, put it on the trailer and brought it home. We got back home at about 4:00pm on the Thursday with our new car.

This car was replaced with the second Nova.

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