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Kames Time Trial - Saturday 14th April 2007

The team were all competing in a rally time trial at Kames Motorsport Complex. A time trial event is like a rally but for the driver only with no co-driver. There were 4 stage layouts being used, with three runs at each layout.
Gordon was driving the Mitsubishi and Sam and Ian were both using the Nova.

After the first stage layout Gordon held a slender lead in the event with Sam and Ian coming in last and second last although the Nova was the only 1300cc engined car competing on the day.

Stage layout 2 went well for Gordon as he extended his lead of the event. Sam beat Ian by a tenth of a second to close the gap in class 1.

Stage layout 3 was very different to the first two and was much tighter which didn't suit the Mitsubishi so much. Gordon lost  bit of time to David Johnston in a VW Golf to set up a tense final stage.

The last runs of the day saw Gordon take back a bit of time to win the event by only 2.3 seconds.  Ian extended his advantage over Sam to win class 1 with Sam coming in only 6.6 seconds slower.

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