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Sponsor's Day - Saturday 12 January 2002

The team hired out Kames, a short sprint circuit near Muirkirk, to take our sponsors, friends and family out for a spin in the car.

It had been raining overnight and the track was quite damp when the team got there around 9:30. No-one was expected until after 10 so that gave us a chance to take the car out and test the conditions. The track hadn't really been used for over a month and that coupled with the damp weather led to it being very slippery to begin with.


Kames Our first visitors began arriving at around ten past ten. The first couple of runs were taken fairly slowly, getting a bit quicker as the track dried out slightly. Then on Ian's third run it all went a bit wrong on the second corner and the car spun round. Fortunately it didn't hit anything and no harm was done.

Later in the day Sparky and Nightrider from Colin McArdle's The Show turned up to take part in their challenge as set by Colin. After a full breakfast in the morning they had to go round the track and keep their breakfast in their stomach. Both managed to complete the challenge although Gordon made it as difficult as possible by spinning the car a couple of times. Time to go

All in all it was a good day and everyone enjoyed their run in the car even though most were a bit apprehensive beforehand.

Thanks to Sam Black for providing the photographs.

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