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Second Nova

First Rally: Autumn Stages 2005

The second Nova was sold to buy the Evo 1 and then bought back by the team as a bare shell. The team then spent the next year or so building the car back up.  It will be used for rally time trials, sprints grasstests and anything else where the 2 wheel drive would be more suitable.

First rally: Galloway Hills 2000
Last rally: Park Systems 2003

The second Nova was a 1300 Vauxhall Nova fitted with a Suzuki Swift engine. The car was bought in November 2000 with its first outing coming in the 2000 Galloway Hills Rally in December.

White Nova The car was built by scrutineer Roy Herron for Bill Laidlaw, who then sold the car on to us. At that time we were planning for the close season ahead and were getting quotes from various people for the fitting of a new more powerful engine. There were a few chassis improvements we wanted to make to the old car and it was also in line for a respray. When this car came onto the market with all of the things we wanted already on it, we decided to buy it and then sell the old one.

The basic spec of the car is listed below:

Engine   Suzuki Swift 1298cc 16 valve twin cam.
The engine has been fully ported, lightened and balanced.
Power   143bhp @ 8500rpm
Rev Limit   The engine is electronically limited to 9700rpm
Gearbox   Quaife 5 speed close ratio straight cut box
Diff   Man Transmission 65% limited slip diff
Brakes   Front: AP 4 pot calipers
Rear: Mk3 Golf GTI disks and calipers
Steering   GM 2.5 turn quick rack
Other   Sabelt seats with sabelt 5 point "aircraft" harnesses

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